Hi there! My name is Alicia (nicknamed Lissy). Some things to know about me:

  • I recently joined the 30s train
  • I’m an island girl, originally born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and currently living in Canada
  • My hobbies include: fashion, travel, fitness, food, beauty, reading, DIY arts & crafts
  • I’m a huge dog lover; I once had 5 dogs at my house all at once!
    I’ll be posting about my hobbies and I can’t wait to connect with you all! Be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop with my daily fashion updates- I’m a firm believer in creating unique fashion on a budget! You can also follow me on social media:
  • Instagram: @livinglissy
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That’s it for now, I hope to connect with you soon! xoxo
~ Lissy

Let’s build something together.