5 Favorite Fall Reads

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As the weather gets cooler, and the days grow shorter, there’s nothing better than curling up in bed on a cozy autumn day with an aromatic candle, a cup of steeped tea and warm fuzzy socks. What better way to enjoy being indoors than with a great read? That’s why I’m thrilled to share with you my top 5 Fall reads as the season gets underway.


This novel is hands down one of my favorite reads ever! The story is so incredibly detailed and is such a riveting thriller that I found myself wholly engrossed and captivated with each page. Each chapter is filled with mystery, emotion and so many surprises that you wouldn’t be able to put it down for long!


Laurel Mack has the perfect life – a loving husband and a mother of three healthy, happy children. Then one day, her youngest, Ellie disappears and an investigation is conducted to determine what really happen to Ellie.
While grieving the loss of her daughter, the story focuses on Laurel’s efforts to move forward, when she meets a man, Floyd, whose daughter, Poppy, strikes an uncanny resemblance to her lost Ellie. As Floyd and Laurel grow closer, Laurel suspects all is not right with Floyd and Poppy’s relationship, and what she discovers will give her a second chance at life and a family.


This is a fantastic book! The plot and storyline were both amazing and the mystery continues to unravel with every page that you turn. I have such high respect for the protagonist, Gwen Proctor, who transforms herself from a complete housewife to a warrior trying to protect her children. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I think you will too.


Gwen Proctor, formerly known as Gina Royal, has transformed her life after the shocking discovery that her husband’s hobbies include torturing and murdering young women.
In an effort to save her children from being at risk of constant public scrutiny and to ensure that they live a somewhat ‘normal’ life as possible, Gwen flees from city to city and town to town, with the hopes of settling her family. She strives to achieve a life under the radar, without sparking any attention to their past.
As they’ve finally settled in Stillhouse Lake, and Gwen starts to feel at ease in her new home, a body mysteriously turns up at the lake and she learns that someone is determined to expose their dirty past and secrets by sending threatening letters to her. In this thriller, you will learn that a mother will do whatever she can protect her family and her love will conquer all evil.


This is Clare’s debut novel which became the Sunday Times bestseller and winner of the Theakston Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year [2016]. This psychological thriller focuses on a mother’s grief in the loss of her young son and the woman who faces each day with the guilt and shame of her past. Originally published in 2011, the gripping crime genre allows for much interpretation and mystery throughout the investigation into the accident, and you’ll find yourself trying to piece together the puzzle as you read each chapter. This thriller is definitely a must read for readers of all genres!

The scene opens on a rainy night, and a mother’s devastating heartbreak after her 5 year old son slips from her hands and into the road, where he is tragically killed in a hit and run.

I Let You Go follows Jenna Gray as she lives with the guilt of what she’s done and how she tries to heal from her painful past.
The book then shifts perspectives and narrative voices to the pair of Bristol detectives who try to solve the case, following one unsuccessful lead after another. Filled with suspense, secrets and jaw-dropping twists, this novel will leave you in shock, long after the flip of the final page.


A New York Times bestseller, Truths I Never Told You is a fantastic book club read! This utterly breathtaking novel is filled with depth and purpose and should certainly be at the top of your read list!

Suffering from postpartum depression, Beth struggles to identify with her role as a mother.
Her father, Patrick, whose medical condition is worsening, enters hospice care. He is the only parent who raised Beth and her three siblings, as they believed that their mother, Grace, had died in a tragic car accident.
As Beth delves into cleaning out her childhood home, she soon learns that her father has stored more than family memorabilia in the attic. She discovers notes from her mother, which leaves Beth questioning the only truth she grew up believing about her parents’ relationship and Beth is faced with the realization that she may not have been the first female to struggle with post-partum depression.
This emotional novel sheds light on the physiological condition which impacts two generations of women. Truths I Never Told You evokes a sense of suspense and deep feeling as the narrative depicts a mother’s experience of dealing with ‘baby blues’ in the 1950s.


Karen Hamilton surely knows how to grip her audience with this page turner. This mystery/thriller book hones in on the true test of family and friendships and is a must read for this fall season!

The main character in this novel is Marie, who narrates at different time periods throughout the book. Her childhood best friend, Nina, has a terminal illness and requests for Marie to fulfill her dying wishes. While Marie vows to keep and honor her promise, her envy for Nina’s life is soon portrayed when she moves into Nina’s home to care for her kids.
As Marie settles into her new life, and appears to have a hidden agenda, she quickly realizes that Nina has been hiding deep and dark secrets of her own. Filled with tales of trust and twisted truths, this book will keep you guessing with each page turn. When you’re done with this read, you may become wary of your very own close friends and may not view them in the same way.

There you have it friend! My full list of 5 Fall Favorite Reads which you’ll love for those cozy nights in. Have you read any of the books listed above? If so, please do share your review in the comments below! I love to learn how other readers interpret a book and the opinions gained from their perspective 🙂

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any recommendations on new reads, feel free to list them below and I’ll add to my Read list!

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe 🙂

xx Lissy ~

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