Kate Spade Initial Pendant

Happy Monday folks!

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine! My mom is in Toronto for a couple of weeks and I am thrilled for her visit! We roamed around the cities of Milton, Burlington and Toronto this past weekend. On Saturday, we hiked to the Hilton Waterfalls in Milton (I highly recommend visiting this waterfall!) and then headed to my favorite vegan restaurant in Burlington called Lettuce Love Café– get the pun? 😉
On Sunday, my mom and I visited the Kensington Market which was so busy and active because of the Pedestrian Sundays event each Sunday during summer. I absolutely love this market for its fresh vegetables and fruits, unique and handcrafted items and reggae music blasting on the speakers. The vibe is so calming and mellow, that, despite the mass amount of people, you feel a sense of community and love in this area! We ended the Sunday evening with a must-see movie ‘Aladdin’- I must admit, it was my second time watching this movie in cinema and it was just as magical as the first time watching it! I think Disney movies are in a class of their own, with the quality of CGI, musical elements and quirky cinematic effects- don’t you agree?!

Anyway, enough about my fun-filled weekend- I wanted to share with you all this gorgeous Kate Spade necklace that was gifted to me by my bf, Alexei. I LOVE minimalist jewelry and décor, and he knew this would be perfect for me! This rose gold necklace is one of my most worn pieces of jewelry because not only is it versatile and personal, but it can be worn two ways- on one side of the pendant is my first name initial ‘A’ (Lissy is my nickname but my real name is Alicia) and on the other side are the words ‘One In A Million’- although, sometimes I wonder whether he played a joke and gave it to me as a reminder that HE is One In A Million as his initial is also ‘A’! Oh the irony :p
This wear-everyday necklace is a must have, and I’m sharing the direct link below for this exact piece (several initials are available so go ahead and search for your own!).

Hope you love it as much as I do and if you do buy it, please let me know what you think 🙂  
Wishing you a wonderful and productive week! xoxo

~ Lissy

Kate Spade Initial Pendant- US $58.00

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