Be A Sunflower…Stand Tall And Find The Light.

Hello beauties!

Today’s blog post features my recent trip to the Terre Bleu Lavender Farm and Sunflower field! This was an absolutely beautiful experience- from seeing the horses roam the fields, to the lavender infused sweet treats, to the 20,000 sunflowers standing tall and proud- I was in my glee!
I had always wanted to visit the sunflower field- it was a must on my 2018 summer list, so I asked my boyfriend to go as a cute date event. Since the peak time for the sunflowers to bloom is late July/early August, I was ready to go visit my brightly coloured friends, but was so disappointed to learn that the popular Bogle Sunflower field in Hamilton was trampled and damaged by city folk, which resulted in more security presence and access restriction of the field for photo opportunities. Thank goodness our friend mentioned that the Terre Bleu field in Milton was open, and it was definitely worth it, as it included both a lavender field as well as a sunflower field!
The cost per person is $20.00 for the lavender field, and unfortunately, the sunflower field ticket cannot be purchased separately- this cost was an additional $10.00, so a total cost of $30.00 per person. We arrived at the sunflower field at 3:30pm and was told that the latest entrance to the sunflower field was 4:30pm. An hour is more than enough time to walk through the field and enjoy the yellow hues. I was in complete awe when surrounded by the flowers towering above me- I gazed in admiration thinking about all the quotes that I’d heard before, never really giving them much thought, but now I can say that sunflowers are some magnificent flowers. The sunflowers’ colours are bright and bold, their height is tall, exuding confidence, and they follow the light by facing the sun. In many ways, we can learn to be more like sunflowers- the characteristics are so similar to what we, as human beings, preach on a daily basis.
After we took many Instagram worthy photos, we decided to head to the lavender field, which closes at 5:00pm. Upon exiting the sunflower field, we were each given a sunflower as a token for visiting the field, which has now become my newest addition to the home;)
Quick tip- Be mindful when collecting the sunflower upon exiting the field, as most people tend to want the largest sunflowers, but those are actually the ones in fullest bloom and will die sooner than the smaller ones.
We entered the lavender field and roamed for all of 5 minutes, before the sign which read ‘Lavender Ice Cream & Lavender Lemonade’ instantly captured our attention, and we immediately stood in line for the refreshing eats, which were the perfect treat to end our day.
See below the many photos taken to capture each moment- like the sun rays, just soak it all in! Have you ever visited the sunflower or lavender fields? If so, please share your experiences below- I’m always eager to read your comments! 🙂 Follow me on Instagram for more exciting adventures @livinglissy (

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Dynamite clothing:
Sheer T-Shirt Dress- $44.95CAD
Stone Fringe Earrings- $14.95CAD Bali Harvest: Round Woven Ata Rattan Bag Linen Inside and Leather Button- $43.99CAD

Bye for now! xoxo

~ Lissy

8 thoughts on “Be A Sunflower…Stand Tall And Find The Light.

  1. The sunflowers look lovely! Shame that people want to ruin it for others. Lavender isn’t going well this year we have been told in the uk anyway that next years will be much better so visit next year instead


  2. Thanks! Some folks get too excited and want that perfect photo shot that they break the stalks and ruin the fields…it's really unfortunate. I do hope that you get to visit the Lavender field next year- it's truly a wonderful experience! The scent of lavender alone is so inviting! 🙂


  3. Thank you Elisabeth! I absolutely love lavender- I use the essential oils daily and have even bought culinary lavender which I've yet to try! If you've used it before, feel free to share recipes 🙂


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