Goodbye 20s- Hello 30s!

Hey folks! So my birthday just passed on Tuesday, July 31 where I embarked upon a new journey commonly known as the 30s train! Reality struck me when I realized that I’d be entering an entirely new decade and I thought to myself, ‘Nope, I’ll be 29 until further notice!’.

Although anxious about the milestone, the thought was oddly exhilarating, as I thought about the exciting adventures ahead of me! When the day came, I was asked the question “What are some important lessons that you’ve learnt in your 30 years of existence?” Well after some reflecting and soul searching, I finally put pen to paper and made a list- so here it is!
✨ 30 lessons in 30 years 💫
    30. Believe in Christ- praise him and be grateful for your blessings and pray for better times with your troubles

    29. Be content in your own skin

    28. Family is everything

    27. Surround yourself with like minded people and have a strong support system 

    26. You become what you allow into your life- positivity is key 

    25. A person should never be defined by their education, social status or appearance

    24. Respect and spend as much time with your parents as you can- when you’re younger, you consider them your parents, when you’re older, you consider them your friends

    23. It’s never too late to educate yourself, continuous learning (and a second language) is important and essential in today’s world

    22. When you’re younger, everyone is considered your ‘friend’, until you reach the age when you can count the number of true friends on one hand

    21. Don’t hold grudges; anything can happen and life can change in an instant- forgive and make peace with your past in order to move on and enjoy this beautiful thing we call life 

    20. Don’t be someone you think you ought to be just to fit in with the crowd

    19. Respect your elders for they are far wiser than you think

    18. There’s no turning back in life, forward forever, backward never- looking behind you
    only prevents you from moving forward and appreciating the present

    17. Be mindful of what you say and do because once you hurt people’s feelings, they’ll always remember how you made them feel

    16. Every single person that you come across is a teacher in your lesson plan

    15. Be respectful of others but never be a doormat- always stand up for yourself and know your rights

    14. Avoid overthinking- it leads to unnecessary worry, anxiety and comparison

    13. Always encourage and show gratitude to others

    12. Everyone’s journey is different- don’t compare your path to theirs

    11. Success doesn’t comes easy, it is the result of hard work

    10. What’s hidden in the dark will always come to light- don’t lie or encourage others to do so; be honest with yourself and those you meet

    9. Never fear failure, for it teaches you a lesson 

    8. Speaking ill of someone behind their back shows both your emotional intelligence and maturity 

    7. Forgive but never forget- use every mistake or hurtful experience as a lesson on the power of healing and learning

    6. Balance is key- family, friends, work, personal goals should all be balanced equally

    5. Empower others to be the best version of themselves- competition and jealousy is for the weak minded

    4. Always trust your gut- intuition is by far the best source of knowing

    3. It is crucial to learn how to self-love, be independent and be content with your own company

    2. Accept others for who they are, flaws and all

    1. Focus not on the destination, but the journey in getting there-
    Aim for a plan or goal in life, have ambition for what you’d like to achieve and set target dates and milestones for each one, whether short or long term. Always remember that life is a tumultuous journey that can take us off course completely, but the key is learning to live with the changes and adapting accordingly- while admirable to have a set objective, it’s best to grow through life

Let me know what you think of the post and do share your important life lessons, words of wisdom or insightful experiences- I’d love to read your comments! 🙂 That’s it for now folks- talk to you soon and have a great weekend ahead! xoxo   

  ~ Lissy

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