Road trip to la Ville de Québec!

Hi friends!

Today’s post features my recent road trip to Québec City! I’m so excited to share with you the beautiful places that I visited and most importantly, the delicious food that I ate! Let’s get right into it 🙂

My work friends and I decided on doing a road trip to Québec City just for the weekend (admittedly, I was skeptical about traveling the long distance for such a short period of time), and we had done so much more than I had ever imagined in the 1 1/2 days of our visit! We left on Friday afternoon and planned to return to Toronto on Sunday evening. During the journey, we made a few pit stops at the en routes and even took a minor detour to Kingston! One of my favourite quotes states “See a detour as an opportunity to experience new things” and I try to embrace this approach in my daily life!

We also made a quick stop for dinner in Montreal at a quaint French bistro called Marché de la Villette, and then walked around Old Montreal for a bit. I always love visiting Old Montreal, as it encompasses the old and new architecture of the French and British colonization. While I’ve never visited it, this place evokes a feeling of France with its narrow, cobblestone roads and European style buildings. 

Some 12 hours later, we finally arrived at our destination! The road trip would have been around 8 hours in total, although, as we made a few detours, it took a bit longer. We didn’t do much but explore the house (which in all honesty, was a bit eerie with its Medieval Times ambience, but I digress) and got ready for the day ahead of us.

The next morning, we made our way through Vieux-Limoulou, as there was a street festival taking place. Included in the festival were street performances and vendors who were selling handmade items such as jewelry, crafts and food preserves. A few minutes into the festival, we were all starving and stumbled upon a quaint breakfast nook called Les Fistons Bistro, which served absolutely incredible brunch at an affordable price!  I ordered the Assiette Brunch and the combination of savory and sweet foods left me feeling very satisfied to begin the day’s activities!

Afterwards, we hopped into the car and drove straight to the next place on our itinerary- Parc national de la Jacques- Cartier! We began with what we thought was a short 3 km hike to the mountain top, but quickly learned that the hike itself turned out to be much longer than anticipated, so in total, we hiked an average of 5km and headed back to the car. We had to determine how long we’d stay at each place due to the fact that we only had one full day, and there were more places to visit! While we didn’t make it to the very top of the park, we enjoyed the scenic views at every stop which made for frame-worthy photos. As the famous saying goes, ‘Enjoy the journey, not only the destination’ and that’s exactly what we did!

The next stop on our agenda was Old Quebec (or shall I say VieuxQuébec) and this was definitely a highlight of the trip! We roamed the city like typical tourists with our cameras in hand and snapping as many photos as we could of all the gorgeous historical buildings while reading the descriptions in French (might I clarify that it was more along the lines of broken French, since French is not our first language!).  We were enjoying the sights of many cathedrals and government buildings until a sign captured our attention- the sight alone was enough to make us salivate: “Le Petit Château- Creperie”! We knew then and there that when in the French land, indulge in the French treats! Le Petit Château served a variety of savory and sweet crepes, pizzas, sandwiches and an assortment of fondues and dessert beverages. I opted for the Crêpe chocolat-noisette et bananes and it was delicious! My mouth is watering as I reminisce on how flavorful this treat tasted! When I think about the term sweet indulgence, this crepe comes to mind!

After this highly satisfying detour (detours seemed like a trend during this trip, but I love a combination of both a daily agenda, along with the element of spontaneity! :p), we headed to the lake at Vieux- Québec, where we also walked past the Jardins des Gouveneurs building and through The Battlefields Park. I was in wonderment of how quaint this area really is, from the remarkable building designs, to the detailed wrought-ironed railing, to the wide boardwalk overlooking the St. Lawrence River- I thought it set the perfect scene for a storybook!
The overall ambience evoked a feeling of serenity and completion, as the yellow and pink streaked skies marked the ending of what could only be described as an unforgettable day.

The next morning, we were all in disappointment that our trip would soon come to an end, but we had one last item on our agenda to fulfill- the Montmorency Falls! First, we stopped at theRestaurant Aucoin de Larue for brunch.  and I chose the ‘Le forestier Benedict (I’m a sucker for Eggs Benedict and will almost always choose it when out for brunch :p) which was absolutely divine!

Before making our way back to Ontario, we concluded the final activity on our list- the Montmorency Falls! Another highlight of the trip, these falls are exceptionally impressive, with a height of 83 metres and a surrounding landscape, including a hiking trail and a cable car ride. For those of you looking for an adrenaline rush, there is also a 300 metre zipline which crosses over the falls! The zipline and cable car rides both come at individual costs, but it’s completely worth it if visiting for the first time! We chose to walk on the bridge to see the view from the top and then went down the staircase to gaze at the stunning waterfall from the side of the cliff- what a wonder!! I stood there, gazing at the falls for a solid fifteen minutes, as the water was absolutely magnificent and captivating! The panoramic view is breathtaking, as it overlooks the cityscape and the lake. In terms of cost, the park itself is free of charge, but you do pay a fee for parking near the entrance of the falls (in our case, we parked across the street at a grocery and simply bought an item which allowed for us to then explore the park). For all you nature lovers out there, I highly recommend stopping by the Montmorency Falls as it really is a sight to see when visiting Québec City! It was the perfect spot for us to visit before embarking on our 8+ hour drive back to Toronto.

The overall trip was absolutely memorable and despite it being short and sweet- we still achieved everything that we wanted to do on our list. I honestly believe that this experience brought us closer not only as work colleagues, but as friends! To this day, we all make jokes and recall funny and even scary memories made from our Québec City travel and are already planning the next one- we’re considering Prince Edward Island! Stay tuned!
Here are some photos from the trip! J

If you’ve been to Québec City, do share your photos and experiences, as I’d love to learn more about the beautiful city and maybe learn some new places to visit next time!

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Talk soon! xoxo

~ Lissy

Dinner in Old Montreal

Rustic décor at

Marché de la Villette
Assiette Brunch at Les Fistons Bistro 

2 oeufs, jambon au romarin, saucisse, patates
sautées, mini chocolatine, crêpes au sirop d’érable, cretons, fèves au lard et pain au choix


Jacques-Cartier National Park

Le Petit Château

Crêpe chocolat-noisette et bananes

The Battlefields Park


Jardins des Gouveneurs
The Battlefields Park

Le forestier Benedict at Restaurant Aucoin de Larue

Oeufs pochés, jambon forêt noire, champignons, fromage brie sur muffin anglais, 

nappé de sauce hollandaise, pommes de terre, rôties, café


Views from the top at the Montmorency Falls

Side view of the falls



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