Neob presents Niagara Lavender Festival 2018!

Hello beautiful people!

Last Saturday, I went to the Neob Lavender festival at Niagara-on-the-lake and I just have to share my experience and photos with you!
We had purchased the $20 World Traveler (WT) tickets (one per person) which allowed for bite sized sampling of various lavender infused food. I was most impressed when I learnt about the assortment of treats that were offered to us, which were not available to the general public (those who purchased the $5 entry fee only). Upon entry, we presented our World Traveler tickets and were each given refillable purple water bottles with the Neob branding for refills at the water truck- this proved to be especially useful, as the day was extremely hot and sunny.
While walking through the festival, we came across a variety of stalls and handcrafted items from local vendors. I decided to stop at the honey stall, and sampled a variety of unique honey mixtures such as honey-almond, honey-wild berry, honey-lime, honey-lemon and honey-maple syrup. While they all had a unique taste, I settled on the honey lemon, as I figured it would allow for multi-use J
Next, we drifted to where the sweet sounds of steelpan was playing (being an island girl, I can’t pass up the opportunity to see and hear a steel band!). We then stopped into several clothing, jewelry, handbag, unique artifacts and even cured meat vendors before finding our first ‘Ticket sample’ sign! We presented the WT cards (one per person/ticket) and the first sample consisted of 3 desserts: Lavender Flour-less Chocolate Cake (rolled in shaved coconut), Lemongrass & Lavender Cheesecake and the Lavender Mystery Tasting- all three were absolutely divine!! I was pleasantly surprised at how good lavender infused treats are and learnt about the many uses of lavender in cooking and baking.
We were still eating the cakes when we came across the second sampling stall- Lavender Pizza! Yes- it is a thing! The pizza was cooked in a wood oven by Johnny Rocco’s Pizza Wagon. The thin crust pizza was topped with sliced potatoes and baked cream cheese infused with lavender seeds,. This was possibly the best tasting item at the festival- one slice was simply not enough!
While continuing the journey to ensure that we get all our samples, we stumbled upon a stall which offered each WT ticket holder a Rosemary Meatball. The meatball was soaked in an incredibly tasty thick creamy sauce (I assume it might have been cooked with a type of lavender oil), as well as a Lavender Butter Tart topped with toasted lavender seeds.
We didn’t get too far before we spotted another sign (this quickly became a game for us!) which served a Lavender Cupcake to each WT ticket holder. This cupcake was extremely moist, and I could taste the infusion of lavender essence in the cake itself. The icing may have also included the essence and the taste was intensified with the sprinkle of lavender seeds (this truly made for a pretty cupcake with the purple seeds complementing the white icing!).
Our final treat at the festival included an absolutely delicious Lavender Cannoli which I devoured in two bites! The shell was the perfect texture and taste for the cannoli cream which was lavender filled. You’ll notice on the World Traveler card that we didn’t taste the Ice Cream or the Wine Tasting, because we did arrive the festival later than estimated, and couldn’t find the ice cream stall. Our tardiness stemmed from two factors- 1.) the World Cup soccer game started at 10:00am and we just had to watch it and 2.) there was traffic on the highway which resulted in us arriving at almost 4:00pm (we missed all of the scheduled information sessions). However, the day was certainly not wasted and was rather productive with both the sampling of many bite sized sweets and treats as well as the grand finale of our day- Pick Your Own Lavender!
The lavender fields were blooming with brightly colored purple and white lavender flowers which were available for picking (we were cautioned to be mindful of which areas of the field from which we were allowed to pick, as certain sections were saved for the lavender show). The cost to pick the lavender was $12.50 per bundle and lavender wanderers can pick to their heart’s content the amount that they want, as long as it can tie with the twist tie that is distributed at the cashier. The WT ticket card allowed for $2.50 discount off one bundle, so we only paid $10.00 per bundle! We then completed our day with a sample of lavender infused botanical soda and headed straight to the store for an abundance of lavender infused home care products. Do you understand now what I mean when I tell you that the World Traveler experience is great value for your money?! 🙂
What a beautiful day it was to sit in the field and hand pick my own lavender- it certainly evoked a sense of nostalgia from my childhood when I would roam the savannah field. Hand picking my own lavender also instilled a personal element and a deeper sense of appreciation to pick each flower stem myself. I’ve shared some photos of the day, my outfit and what I did with my lavender in my house- the aroma and fragrance has filled my apartment with the sweet and calming scent of lavender!

Have a great week, and as Neob’s slogan goes- Enjoy every moment!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and reliving the experience! I do hope you try this festival next year as it is an absolute delight to roam in the fields with lavender perfuming the air!

See below for photos of the event! 🙂

Talk soon!

~ Lissy
Happiness in a field full of lavender!
Picking my own lavender!
Outfit details: White maxi dress: Charlotte Russe; Earrings: Call it Spring- under $12; Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories; Sandals: Call it Spring

World Traveler ticket card
Left: Lavender Mystery Tasting; Top: Lemongrass and Lavender Cheesecake; Bottom: Lavender Flour-less Chocolate Cake
Top left: Lavender Butter tart; Top right: Lavender Pizza Slice
Bottom left: Lavender Cupcake; Bottom right: Mini Lavender Cannoli
Sweet sounds of steelpan

Drying out my lavender by hanging it upside down
Honey & Lemon jar bought at the Honey stall

Lavender in abundance! Here are my purchases at the store:
Left: Lavender sachets
Top left: Lavender essential oil
Top center: Culinary Lavender
Right: Lavender shortbread- vanilla & vanilla-chocolate

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