Spring forward with this look!

Hello beautiful people!

Spring has finally sprung, and I for one am beyond elated! This week’s weather was warmly received as Torontonians were strutting their stuff in shorts and sunglasses, with a clear indication that winter was nothing but a bitter memory, which we endured tortuously, thanks to an extended winter season (snow storms in April?! Mother Nature surely didn’t follow seasonal protocol this time around).
This weekend I plan on doing a much needed and long overdue bout of Spring cleaning! I must confess that I frequently experience separation anxiety when faced with the difficult question of whether or not I should part with an article of clothing, which hasn’t been worn in over 3 years, although maybe someday it’ll be perfect if I ever need to paint a room (mind you, I’ve never done such a thing, but one can never be too prepared!). Now, while I do agree with the notion of donating items which hasn’t seen the outside of a closet in over 2 years, I do think that certain items can be revamped with a little touch of creativity (I’ll do another blog on my post-spring cleaning experience and share what I’ve decided to keep, not hoard- after all, vintage is a style!). In the meantime, however, I’d like to spring forward to this new chic outfit that I’ll be rocking this Spring/Summer!

Outfit details:

This light colored outfit creates a happy and fresh look that represents Spring fashion! I’m wearing a pair of white Levi’s jeans, paired with a beautiful blue and white striped off the shoulder top from Dynamite, which gives for a relaxed yet comfortable feel. I decided to incorporate a third colour into this outfit with a brown thin belt (Aldo Accessories), brown wedge heels (Call it Spring) a brown chunky handbag from Michael Kors. I wore gold jewellery to finish this look- I’ve always loved infinity pendants, and I absolutely adore minimalist jewellery, so this chain is the perfect combination of both styles! I got it at a Christmas trade show in Toronto (unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the vendor, but I will give credit to the One of a Kind Show which showcases handmade products from talented artists and craftspeople across the nation- so show your support and shop local!) Btw- isn’t the city art absolutely stunning- I’m in love the wall art and the architecture, which screams urban living!

What do you think about this look and what are some of your favorite spring styles this year? Comment below! 🙂

I’ve accumulated so many outfits which I can’t wait to wear for Spring/Summer, and need to find an event just to showcase them! We usually tend to buy an outfit for an event, but I’m changing it up a bit and doing the complete opposite! Does anyone else feel like this, or is it just me. Hmm, do I really have a shopping problem? Food for thought now….

That’s it for now folks! For more spring fashion, be sure to follow me on Instagram @styleguideto 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

~ Lissy

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